The Village Hall, known as Egginton Memorial Hall, is situated at Church Road, Egginton, Derbyshire DE65 6HP

Use of Hall
During term time, the Hall and some of the outbuildings are leased to Derbyshire County Council (DCC), for Egginton Primary School.  Rent for the school provides the main income, supplemented by rents from the School House and hire of the Hall. The Hall has it’s own website which can be accessed here

Hire of Hall

Any bone fide organisation or individual may hire the Hall for any legitimate purpose. For further information on hiring the Hall please click here.  The GDPR Data Protection and Privacy Policy can be downloaded here

The Caretakers for the Memorial Hall are Melissa and Gary, who reside in the School House adjoining the hall with their family. They will take care of setting out for hirers, closing up again at the end of the events and the general upkeep of the premises




Situated in the delightful village of Egginton close to the A38 and  the A50, Egginton Memorial Hall was built in 1857 by Sir Henry Every,  9th Bart. It was refurbished and enlarged in 2008, thanks to a generous  legacy from Geoff Wilson, a former resident of Egginton, together with  local fundraising and a number of charitable donations.

Memorial Hall 003 (resized)In 1929 the  Memorial Hall was set up as a charitable trust and acquired the  buildings and School House from the Every Family. The purchase is  recorded on a ceramic plaque put up in the Millennium year. The War  Memorial, inside the Geoff Wilson Room, is an engraved wooden panel  honouring those who served as well as those that were killed in the  First World War (1914 - 1918) and the Second World War (1939 - 1945).  Today the Memorial Hall is owned by a registered charitable company and  administered by a board of Trustee Directors on behalf of the village.


Charitable Company



The company (Egginton Memorial Hall) maintains the Hall for the use  and pleasure of all the villagers. It is a registered Charity, with a  maximum of twelve Trustee Directors, one of whom is annually elected as  the Chair. ( click  here to see who is involved) New playground with Caretaker's house (thumb)The business of the  Company is overseen by several Committees comprising Trustee Directors  and co-opted members Members of the village are encouraged to assist in  the running of the Hall and if you would like to help, please contact an existing Trustee Director.


Egginton History Association



The Shop and Post Office, (which operated from the Old School House) closed in 2007, and the property became home to the Egginton History Association.  Here visitors can browse through a fascinating collection of historical memorabilia relating to the village and its past




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